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Our mission is to integrate natural choices in health care through complementary and alternative medicine.

As a complementary and alternative medicine preferred provider organization it is our commitment to define the industry standards and to be recognized as a leader in the integration of managed care. 

Complementary and alternative therapies are built on treating the cause and not just the symptom by engaging the mind, body and spirit.  This integrative approach is based on a partnership of patient and provider with which conventional and alternative therapies are used to enhance the body’s innate healing potential.  This approach also operates from the premise that prevention is one of the primary responsibilities of providers and that whenever possible, simple, safe and cost-effective treatments should be implemented before invasive and more expensive methods.

It is the vision of Alternative Healthcare Options to create the highest quality and most cost-effective managed care organization in the marketplace today. 

It is the company’s goal to capitalize on its unique position in the marketplace as a network of complementary and alternative medicine providers.  The company’s purpose is to be customer-focused (members, providers, payers), driven by quality service, and responsiveness to the


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